New resident info

This page is for anyone new to the neighborhood or considering purchasing a home in Cotton Creek.

    • The HOA Board may be reached at or (720) 432-6294.

    • All Cotton Creek residents are responsible for their own trash pickup. There is no public pickup option available. Please email the board if you need help finding trash companies.

    • The HOA retains a Special Committee, with the following responsibilities:

      • Advise the Board on rules and code enforcement. Residents that want to make any significant color, structural or other visual changes to their property must notify the Board, who will work with the Committee to decide on actions to be taken. The Board is primarily concerned with changes that are viewable from the streets or common areas, but the Committee also reserves the right to recommend action taken for any discomfort caused to neighbors whatsoever. Residents are also encouraged to obtain a permit from the City of Westminster when doing any major construction work.

      • Maintain a list of neighborhood guidelines based on our Declaration of Covenants, By-laws, and reasonable judgment. This list will be linked here when it is developed.

    • Residents are invoiced by mail in February each year for HOA dues payments. We accept check or Paypal/credit card (fee applies). If you have recently purchased a home in Cotton Creek, it is common for departing residents to have paid dues through the end of the calendar year, and you won't owe anything until the following February. For more information on current dues, please see the Dues page.

    • To be notified of any new website announcements or neighborhood communication, you may opt-in to our email distribution list.

    • The City of Westminster's website has thorough information about neighborhood activities and recreation.