Improvement and Development Requests

In May 2015 the HOA Board established a Special Committee with immediate responsibility similar to those of architectural committees in other HOAs. Please see this document for the official announcement that was mailed to residents in July 2015.

In order to ensure that desired changes to your home are within the scope of the covenants and not in violation, the Improvement and Development Request Form (“form”) will need to be completed and submitted to the Board, who will then ask the Committee to review. The proposed changes need to be in writing (per the form) and please include any additional drawings, visual aids, etc., that fully describe the requested changes. The Board or Committee may request additional information if it is necessary for approval of the changes. Changes made without submission of this form and approval from the Board may result in requirements for the resident to correct any areas that were changed at the owner’s experience.

To submit a request, please fill out this form.

No hand written forms will be accepted.

SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS: Please email any supporting documents such as diagrams and maps to or send via mail to (note this will result in slower processing):

First Cotton Creek HOA

PO Box 351893

Westminster, CO 80035

Such proposed changes that must be submitted for approval include, but are not limited to, the following: paint colors, fencing, patio, deck, sheds, and other major improvements that can be seeing from public areas. Repairs and changes that do not alter the established area (replacement rather than addition) still require submission of the form in the event that there is an exigent circumstance that would restrict such a change, for example improvements that effect greenbelt areas.

Upon receipt of the form and supporting documents, the Special Committee will review the proposal details and respond with any feedback and approval/rejection within one week.